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1 year ago


By Sam

Same great features as on iOS, Wink is now available for Android.

Click here from mobile to download Wink for Android: http://bit.ly/17r1JPC

Happy Winking!

1 year ago

10 Cool Celebrity Selfies that you’ve probably never seen (and Hanks, Diddy and Eminem getting it all wrong)

# SelfiesSelfyReddit

By Sam


Bill Clinton, even cooler now than he was then

I spent the morning trawling Reddit for Self Portraits of famous faces that are actually cool. I love my job. 

At the bottom of the post you’ll also find 3 Selfie Sinners who get it ALL wrong.

George Harrison

George Harrison, the coolest Beatle by far

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges, cool as fack. Reddit told me that he’s also a talented photographer, check out his work here.

Jackie JFK

Jackie O and her man. I challenge you to find a President looking more relaxed

Ringo Starr

OK, not quite a Selfie. But my does Ringo look cool

Hillary Clinton Meryl Streep

You go Hills.

Tracey Emin

The artist everyone used to love to hate, Tracey Emin 

Obama Selfie

I hope this is real Mr Obama, I fear not.

Napoleon Dynamite Selfie

Napoleon Dynamite takes arguably the greatest Selfie ever

Andy Warhol

This list wouldn’t be complete without Andy Warhol

And now for those who didn’t make the cut… Brace yourself.

Tom Hanks

Oh dear.

Eminem Selfie

Oh dear, oh dear.

Diddy Selfie


1 year ago

New Features! Draw, Text Note and Camera Update

# winknew featuresscribbledrawcameraphotomessaging

By Sam

Best Private Photo Chat

Wink is the Best Private Photo Chat and we’ve now made it easier, faster and more fun for you to send photos to friends. 

Get your hands on the newest version of Wink here.

3 Major Feature Updates you should be aware of

1.  Draw

You can now personalize your messages by Scribbling on your photos. Simply select the Draw tool and use your finger to write or draw on your photo in any color. It really brings your photos to life and is a whole lotta fun!

Draw Feature Wink

2. Improved Camera

We made the Camera way faster, and a lot more intuitive. Take a photo and show your friends where you are and what you are doing, or load a picture directly from your Camera Roll.

We also added this awesome Tap to Focus feature. It’s a really smooth experience, go try it out.

Tap to Focus

3. Text Note

 Easily add a short, colorful Text Note to your photo.

Text Note

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…


And the good news doesn’t end there! Our biggest ever feature update is right around the corner. Watch this space.

Download the latest version of Wink here.

We’d love to know what you think of the new features, join the conversation on Twitter.


1 year ago

How to get started on your First Windows Phone App and the Metro Design Model

# windowswindowsphoneappappsdesignmetromicrosoftnokiadevelopersnokia

By Sam

Windows Phone Wink

I invited two of our team, Kim and Tomasz, outside onto the stairwell for a coffee in the sunshine and a chat about Windows Phone. We discuss their work processes when it comes to tackling the world of Windows. Kim is a front end developer by trade, and Art Director Tomasz had never designed for Windows Phone until now. Amazingly, they’re both smart and fun. We like them.


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1 year ago

How our startup got global press coverage, on a budget and with no real PR network

# leanstartupPRappspromotionmarketinghacksrapportivetnw

By Sam


Get articles! It’s a common PR route for most Tech Startups.

But, unless you are lucky enough to be fully integrated in the Silicon Valley scene, the articles and reviews aren’t going to write themselves. 

This post will explain how our small European startup got write-ups in many major international publications, on a budget, and with no network. We chose not to use a PR agency, mainly to save money, but also because we believed that with research and some hard work we could achieve similar results in-house.

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1 year ago

An Idiot’s Guide to the Selfie (Disclaimer: Pinch some Salt)

# selfieself portraitricky gervaisgrindrjustin bieber

By Sam

Cat Selfie

If you use Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or Wink, chances are you’ve taken a Selfie or two in your time. Read this guide and avoid posting Bad Selfies (that’s about 99% of them).

Here’s a guide to 6 of the best Selfies to get you started:


Bieber Selfie

Key Pose Elements: Go topless and tense like hell. Be sure to show some post-workout pain in your face - those muscles didn’t grow themselves. If there’s a spotlight in your room, use it. It will make you look super ripped. If you’re a girl, you too can pull off a “Bieber”, just be sure to wear a branded sports bra. If you’ve got a tattoo, make sure it’s visible. Tats make you look intimidating and philosophical. In general, if you don’t have a tattoo, you should seriously consider getting one.

Pro tip: Oil yourself up for max def.

Location: Strike a pose in front of the bathroom mirror, or lie on your bed and look badass and tired as.

Caption: You just got back from the gym. Express your exhaustion. Express your desire to pump some more. Use a direct quote from a buddhist monk, or Eminem.

Selfie you should post next: “The Man vs Food”. There is no better time to exhibit yourself holding a protein shake or vegetable smoothie. Your friends will LOVE you for it.

The Bieber is a Winner because: You don’t even need to go to the gym. Just remove your shirt and pretend like you were there. Your friends will admire your motivation and you’ll actually feel fitter. Fact.

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1 year ago

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: 5 great ways to reach out to your users

# User ResearchHacksCustomer Development

By Sam


This ain’t photoshopped. Click here to see more equi-babes.

In this post, I’ll explain 5 great tricks you can use to reach out and  speak directly to people about your product. In our case it’s a private photo chat app. I won’t go into detail about best practises for carrying out an interview or a focus group. This post is about how to get in touch with the right people if you don’t yet have a broad user base. We had 2 main reasons for doing this:

1. Understand how users are actually using our app.

2. Understand specifics of what users love about other photo-sharing apps; like Snapchat and Instagram.

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1 year ago

Why isn’t your startup travelling as a team?

# thewinkteamstartuptravelmeetupuservoiceleancontenteventbrite

By Sam

Fran and Luke

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already received funding or you’re bootstrapping it, we’ve found a way to relocate to a new  environment for a while without having to burn a hole in your company’s pocket. In my recent guest post for Airbnb I wrote about how you can use Airbnb to cover your startup’s travel costs.

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1 year ago

Californian Color Run

# featuredusers colorrun

By Sam

The World’s Happiest 5K

The Color Run is less about your 10-minute-mile and more about having the time of your life, it’s most definitely the taking part that counts.

Color Run1

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1 year ago

Remote Working: 3 words that MUST feature in your job posting if you want to bring the best people to your startup

# thewinkteam remotework

By Sam



By delocalizing our employment strategy we were able to attract absolutely the best people. We now have a more skilled, productive and happy team. Here’s how your startup can do it too.

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